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Omaha poker

More information on Omaha

What is Omaha poker? Omaha is the second most popular card game and it originated, if sources are to be believed, in Nevada. It is similar to Texas Hold’em and is considered to be a sub-species of the game. Unlike Texas Hold’em, which is played with 7 cards, this game is a 9-card game. The rules of the two games do not differ much, and they are almost identical in terms of the strength of winning combinations. In Omaha, a deck of 52 cards is used. The game can take part from 2 to 10 people. Before the start of the game, all participants make mandatory bets, such as blinds. The bets form is the main pot. The pocket card deal starts with the player in the dealer’s seat. Players are dealt four hole cards each, which is a significant difference from omaha hold’em, where participants are dealt only two cards each. Then five common cards are dealt on the board, where three on the flop, one more on the turn, and one more on the river. When forming a combination, the player must use exactly two pocket cards and three cards from the table. This is the second difference from Hold’em: you can use only one of the pocket cards, or use only the cards on the table. 

How do you start playing Omaha

How to play omaha poker? The challenge for you is to learn how to quickly recognize cards that can make a strong or weak hand. Quite often you can make a good hand if you know how to anticipate the strong hands of your opponents. If you’re an experienced enough player, you can choose as an opponent, you can choose those tables where the rates are lower than usual. When you have a good hand on the Flop in Omaha, you should try to “get rid” of more players. Because there are still too many cards left to let players with average combinations see the last two cards. This is where your betting omaha poker strategy and experience will help you win in this card game. Omaha can be one way to broaden your poker horizons and become a more versatile player. Always try to adjust to your opponents, thereby gaining an advantage. If you learn new strategies regularly, look for mistakes in your game, and work on yourself, you’ll reach a whole new level in online games.

Study the rules of Omaha

Study the rules of Omaha

Omaha poker rules, as well as its rounds are similar to Texas Hold’em:

  • Blinders are dealt;
  • The flop of three hole cards is dealt and the first betting round takes place;
  • The turn is dealt; 
  • Second betting round takes place;
  • After the next card is opened on the river and the betting game, the opponents’ cards are opened.

The goal of the game is to make a standard combination of 5 cards, similar to Texas Hold’em combinations. Actions available to players:

  • Bet – to bet, to put an amount in the pot the size of the big blind or more;
  • Call – to respond to a previous Bet by placing a similar amount on the line;
  • Raise – with to bet more than the previous opponent. The decision is relevant if you see yourself as a favorite in the deal or want to beat your opponent’s bluffs. Raises allow you to raise the pot;
  • Fold – to refuse to continue the hand and fold. If your hand doesn’t offer any prospect of making a strong hand, and your opponents are betting and raking, it makes sense to stop participating in the current hand. Folding is relevant when many players have entered the bidding, and our hand isn’t good enough to continue the fight.

Varieties of Omaha poker

Many experts recommend not to stop on one game, and to study and improve in other directions. Therefore, we recommend a well-known variety of the game – poker Omaha high-low. 

Features of Omaha high-low rules:

  • You are dealt 4 pocket cards;
  • You must use 2 of your own cards and 3 of the table’s common cards to make up your hand;
  • The possibility of splitting the pot between the strongest (high) and weakest (low) poker omaha hands.

The rules for forming a hand in Omaha high-low:

  • A combination must contain cards from an ace to an eight, inclusive. That’s why the game is often referred to as Omaha 8;
  • The hand must not contain a pair;
  • The oldest low combination is an ace, a deuce, a three, a four, and a five. 

Types of bets in Omaha high low:

  • Fixed – raises are limited and cannot be more than one or two big blinds (check our article How to play online poker if that term is unfamiliar to you), depending on the level of bidding;
  • Pot-limit – the maximum possible bet is equal to the size of the pot;
  • Unlimited – you can make a raise by any amount. The size of the bet is limited only by the number of chips you have.

The best strategies in Omaha high-low

After the dealer deals four closed cards to all players. This is where the bidding begins. Omaha poker high-low is a split game – meaning that the winnings can be split equally between players who have high and low combinations. Here they are:


In the first round, when players already see their cards and can assess their chances of winning. The total cards of the table have not been dealt. The first player to join the betting is the player after the big blind. He can Call, Raise or Fold and not get involved in the Hand. According to the rules, the omaha poker game moves clockwise and each participant takes turns saying his/her word. The hand ends on the big blind. He can say “Check” and skip his turn if no one else has raised his bet or raises before him.


The dealer lays out three common cards on the table face down. In this and the following moves, players are allowed to “check” and see another card for free. But this is only if no one raises the bet. Otherwise, the dealers will have to either call, fold, or raise again.


The fourth Community Card appears on the table. Again, a similar round of betting to the flop occurs, with the same poker omaha rules. Then the players take turns saying “check”, “call”, “raise” or “fold”.


The dealer reveals the last fifth card. Now each player can objectively assess his chances of winning. This is the last round, and the table is actively bidding for the lead. Participants may act according to the standard rules of the game: check, call, raise or fold.

What to know about hand rankings

What to know about hand rankings

Omaha poker hand rankings. Since there are four pocket cards in Omaha, it’s important to remember that you can always use exactly two of them in a winning hand in Omaha poker. Below you can find those, from the strongest to the weakest: 

  • Flash Royale – cards of the same suit, which go in ascending order, from a ten to an ace;
  • Straight Flush – where five cards of the same suit go one after another;
  • Four of a Kind – four cards of the same suit;
  • Full House – three cards of the same strength that are combined with a pair of cards of a different rank;
  • Flush – five cards in a suit;
  • Straight – five cards following each other in order without regard to suit;
  • A triplet or set – a triplet;
  • Two Pairs;
  • One pair;
  • The highest card.

Thus, the winning combinations in Omaha hold em poker will not always be determined by the strength of the cards, which should also be taken into account by beginners. It is also worth remembering that in Omaha, as well as in Hold’em, there is no seniority of suits. 

Our recommendations

Read a few of our Omaha poker tips to keep yourself safe. They’ll be very helpful and will help you form your own gambling strategy. Let’s look into what this means:

  1. Use untied starting cards

Tied Omaha poker hands are a strong set in Omaha. The more likely you are to put together a few good combinations, the better your chance of winning. Even one unbound card can make a hand trash. Think through your moves so that you have multiple pairs in your hand.

  1. Playing by Hold’em rules

Those who have switched from Hold’em to Omaha are almost always lost and inattentive to the game. This is because they forget the standard rule of forming combinations, thinking they have everything under control. The rules are much stricter here.

  1. Drawing the non-nuts draw

Playing weak draws puts the player in a vulnerable position. It’s better to hold nasal draws, because you’ll have a much better chance of omaha poker winning hands.

And one more small tip: play confidently and boldly with nasal draws, but use kings and queens as bluffs.

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