TOP online Roulette strategies — your full guide

TOP online Roulette strategies — your full guide

Roulette is a famous game that is among the most popular gambling entertainment in online casinos. The luck factor is very strong in it, but many players successfully use special strategies for playing roulette. We will tell you about them in our expert review.

What you need to know about Roulette 

Roulette is a game that is loved in many countries of the world. It is popular both among visitors to offline casinos and the players on gambling sites. The rules and roulette terms are generally the same for both options: 

  • Players need to place bets on the playing field, on which the numbers from 1 to 36 are located, as well as 0 (there is an additional 00 sector in American roulette);
  • After the bets are placed, a ball is thrown into a special wheel. It moves in different directions with the wheel and as it comes into contact with the deflectors, it stops in one of the sectors that correspond to the sector on the playing field;

If the sector on the wheel and the playing field match, the player wins. 

The gameplay looks simple, but many players tend to complicate it from the point of view of using Roulette strategy. It is aimed at improving results at short, medium or long distances.

How to play online Roulette? 

To start playing online roulette, you only need to spend a few minutes of your time. Our experts have prepared step-by-step instructions for you:

  1. Choose a reliable online casino that legally provides its services and takes care of its reputation;
  2. See if there is an opportunity to play roulette in the Casino and Live Casino sections;
  3. Check if the gambling company offers bonuses for playing roulette;
  4. Register an account (you will need to enter your data, and email address, and also come up with a password);
  5. Complete account verification if you plan to withdraw winnings in the future. You don’t have to do this immediately after registration;
  6. Make a deposit using a payment method that is convenient for you (skip this step if you want to play the free demo mode first). Usually, online casinos offer customers many ways to conduct payment transactions: electronic wallets, payment systems, bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and even cryptocurrencies;
  7. Start the game. 

Many online casinos and their official apps have the opportunity to play roulette in a free demo mode. Use this chance to practice using gaming strategies without risking your wallet.

The best Roulette strategies, what are they? 

The best Roulette strategies, what are they? 

During the existence of Roulette, many strategies have been invented, which are used by players with varying degrees of success. Strategies are divided into progressive and non-progressive categories. The first ones are riskier and involve an increase in rates. Using strategies from the second category, you need to make fixed bets. 

The most popular Roulette strategies include: 

  • Martingale System;
  • Labouchere System;
  • Andrucci System;
  • D’Alembert System;
  • Fibonacci System;
  • Paroli System;
  • James Bond Strategy. 

Let’s tell you more about them.

Martingale System 

The Martingale System can be considered the most successful roulette strategy. At least in terms of popularity and ease of use. Players using this strategy must double the bet amount after each loss. After each loss, the player must double the bet. Say, if a bet on black has lost, then you need to bet on black again, but twice as much. In case of another loss, the next time it is put on black again and the amount of risk increases again. And so on until the moment when the player wins. 

After winning, the customer receives an amount equal to the initial bet. The problem is that with long losing streaks, the amounts quickly grow to huge sizes. And then the player may simply run out of money, or the maximum of the table is reached. 

Our recommendations on what to bet on when using the progressive Martingale Roulette Strategy: 

  • Red/Black;
  • Odd/Even;
  • 0-18;
  • 19-36.

D’Alembert System 

The D’Alembert System is another progressive strategy for playing roulette. Here you also need to bet on equal chances. Unlike Martingale, it is necessary to increase the bet not twice, but by a fixed amount. This is a more correct approach from the point of view of money management because the player chooses the amount of the bet based on his bankroll. For example, you can increase the amount by only $ 1. Or even half a dollar. 

Let’s give an example. The player’s bankroll is $100. He decides to increase the bet by only one dollar. Thus, if his first bet was equal to one dollar, then he should increase the next one after losing by one dollar — up to two, etc. As a result, after the tenth loss in a row, the next bet amount will have to be only $ 11, and not $ 1024 if the player used the Martingale system. 

Note that for each win, you need to reduce the next bet amount by one dollar. When using the D’Alembert System, you need to place bets on: 

  • Red/Black;
  • Odd/Even;
  • 0-18;
  • 19-36.

Fibonacci System 

The Fibonacci System is named after the famous mathematician. Players who use this strategy should know that it uses a sequence of numbers where each bet is equal to the sum of the two previous bets. When you lose, move forward by increasing the amount. When you win, go down two steps back, lowering the bet. Thus, the player will make a profit even if the number of bets won is less than the number of bets lost. 

For example, a player has decided to use the Fibonacci System when playing roulette. He placed a bet of $1, and the next one at $2. So his next bet should be $3 (1+2). The fourth bet is five dollars (2+3), etc. 

Recommended bets when using the Fibonacci Strategy: 

  • Red/Black;
  • Odd/Even.

Paroli System 

The Paroli System is also very easy to learn. Using this strategy, you need to double the size of your bet every time after winning. This must be done until the winning streak reaches three wins in a row. Unlike Martingale, you do not need to double your bet after losing. This non-aggressive Paroli Strategy is suitable for both beginners and experienced gamblers. The amount of risk in it depends solely on the number of bets that the player is willing to take. 


  • You bet $10 and lost;
  • You bet $10 again and won. So, you returned your lost bet and went to 0;
  • You double your bet after winning ($20) and win. Your winnings are $20.

Labouchere System 

The Labouchere System is a little more difficult to understand than other strategies for playing online roulette. It requires preparation. The goal of the player is to increase the size of the bet after losing. The order of using the strategy is as follows:

  1. The player decides for himself what amount he would like to win;
  2. It divides this amount into several smaller and easily achievable amounts;
  3. All sums are written in a row, starting from the center, and moving to the right and left;
  4. Next, the player makes a bet by adding together the first number on the left and the first number on the right;
  5. If the bet wins, then the numbers used are crossed out, and the player makes a bet by summing the next two numbers (one on the left and one on the opposite side);
  6. If the bet loses, the player adds its amount to one of the edges of the sequence. Then he takes this number and the first number from the other side sums them up and makes the next bet on this amount. 

Example: A player wants to win $30. He divides this amount into a series of numbers, the outermost of which are 5 and 4 on the right and left, respectively. The bet is placed on the number 9 (5+4). If the player wins, then 5 and 4 are crossed out of the sequence, and the next bet is made on the sum of the next two numbers (for example, 2 and 6). If the bet is lost, then its sum (9) is added to the edge of the sequence. The player sums up the next bet from 9 and the last number from the opposite edge.

Andrucci System 

The Andrucci system is based on the belief that sooner or later every roulette number will be marked with a ball. You need to start by writing down which numbers fall out in a cycle of 30-35 spins. After that, select the number on which the ball is most likely to fall, and insert it into it for the next 10-15 spins or until victory. 

This Roulette strategy is one of the high-risk ones, but players love it very much, and many are ready to give examples of their success when using it. 

The main advantage of the Andrucci System is the size of the potential payout. The disadvantage is that it can only be used for a short distance. Next, you need to collect new statistics for 30-35 spins. 

Tips for using the Andrucci strategy:

  1. Use it only for a short distance;
  2. Control your budget;
  3. This is a high-risk strategy, and be prepared to take these risks.

James Bond Strategy 

The James Bond Roulette Strategy is also called the 007 strategy in honor of the famous franchise of films about special agent James Bond. The logic of the strategy is that with each spin, the player must make the following fixed bets: $14 on 19-36, $5 on the Line 13-14-15-16-17-18, and $1 on 0. Thus, using this system, the player knows that in each round he will have potentially 25 winning numbers and 12 losing ones. 

Here are the probable results when using the James Bond Strategy: 

  • If the ball lands in the sector 19-36, then the winnings will be $8;
  • If the ball lands in the sector 13-18, then the winnings will be $10;
  • If the ball lands in the zero sector, the winnings will be $16;
  • Landing the ball in sectors 1-12 leads to a loss. 

You might think that the James Bond System is the best Roulette strategy, but it has its flaws. Remember the importance of money management when using it. And know that statistically, over a long distance, you will lose $20 for every 37 spins. 

Final verdict 

Roulett Final verdict 

Playing online roulette provides a special user experience. Even though this game is one of those in which luck largely affects the results, many players successfully apply one or another Roulette strategy to win. Using such strategies can bring winnings at a distance, but none of them can guarantee success. The Martingale and Fibonacci are the most high-risk strategies, but at the same time, they are also the most popular. 

The use of strategies when playing roulette is not mandatory. Each player must decide for himself whether he needs it. And remember that any strategy should first be worked out in a free demo mode. 

And here are our tips: 

  • Train your strategy in free demo mode;
  • Use money management;
  • Accept in advance that when using a gaming strategy, you will also have losses;
  • Do not take your winnings as a guarantee that you have started a winning streak. 

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Most Common Questions

How to play Roulette online? 

You need to choose a legal online casino or download a reliable gambling app. Register an account and start playing for free or for real money in casino games

Which Roulette betting strategy is easier to learn? 

Among the Roulette strategies, it is easiest to understand the Martingale strategy.

Is it possible to play Roulette online for free? 

Of course! Many online casinos provide customers with the opportunity to play roulette in a free demo mode. This is a risk-free game that does not oblige the user to anything. He can play just for fun.

What is a winning Roulette strategy? 

No strategy guarantees success. Roulette is a game in which the luck factor is very important. It is simply impossible to calculate this factor. However, proper use of the game strategy can improve the chances of winning at a distance.